Just because you can, you should not!

Blog Post created by aitor.caleroesri-es-esridist Employee on Mar 18, 2015

How many times have you added a tool in a toolbar, just because the tool is there and you can do it? I guess that many more times than is really necessary.


The tendency to overcomplicate an app is directly proportional to the number of options out there . Everything is possible, in theory, when we are talking about designing apps. Why not? This is the common answer to the question "What do you think if we add....?"


But it is time to change. It is time to think the other way arround. Why not ask "What do you think will happen if we remove this tool?" I bet that many customers or users will scracth their heads, to find an answer. "mmm, weeeellll, probably Mr. Smith, will miss it. And you know, Mr. Smith is the guy who manage the GIS, we cannot remove this tool!" Well, actually we SHOULD remove this tool, for this very reason. A person like Mr. Smith, will be a GIS power user and, as such, he will have a full-featured desktop tool, with this tool alredy incorporated.


The questions then should be, "Who is going to use the app? Will this person really miss this tool?" If you have to think more than 5 seconds to find an answer, just do not add it!


Otherwise, your app may end up looking as this :