Working on the Chatbot implementation

Blog Post created by a.freiesri-ch-esridist Employee on Mar 25, 2018

Hello everyone


At the moment I am very busy to implement the Chatbot according to underlying methods and concepts, as well as the specifications laid out in the Master Thesis.


The overall concept is based on the following components, see Shawar and Atwell (2003):

  • User input
  • Input transformation
  • Keyword patterns
  • Output transformation
  • Respond


With regards to the implementation, Elmasri and Maeder (2016) have come up with a list of requirements for a chatbot:

  1. An  immediate information exchange;
  2. A logical conversation based on the individual’s input;
  3. A simple means to communicate with a chatbot, and also structuring the conversation to require as little as possible user input to carry on the conversation;
  4. A logic that provides feedback and or further information.


These methods, guidelines and concepts helped me to a) formulate the functional and non-functional requirements and the technical specifications. 


With RiveScript I am building the skeleton of my Chatbot. This has been a very fun experience to work with a handy and helpful scripting language such as RiveScript.

Next month, I will begin with the actual integration of the GIS system by using different tools, amongst other ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Google Maps Places API, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Pro.


I am looking forward to continue the development of the Chatbot or should I call it Geobot..


Best regards