UNIGIS Master Thesis - concluded Literature Review

Blog Post created by a.freiesri-ch-esridist Employee on Jan 20, 2018

During the Christmas holidays I have kept on working on the Literature Review. I am proud of myself that I also continued to work on it during my 3 weeks holidays. It took me longer than expected. So the review on the following literature is finished:

  • Chatbots in genereal
  • Alan Turing's intelligent machines
  • The first two Chatbots called Elizabeth and ALICE
  • A developer friendly Chatbot framework called RiveScript
  • A taxonomy of models
  • The literature on Human Computer Interaction combined with a GIS
  • Geobots


So now I am in the midst of non-functional and functional requirements gathering. This will help me to actually build the Chatbot GIS-MCDM integration, since I am working on technical specifications which makes the process hopefully more efficient.


I have attached the updated Gantt chart and the work breakdown structure. As mentioned this will be updated on a regular basis and are therefore a practical control measure for myself. 



Looking forward to continue my progress on the thesis!