UNIGIS Master Thesis related tasks

Blog Post created by a.freiesri-ch-esridist Employee on Nov 4, 2017

Today I concluded the following tasks regarding my Master Thesis

  • Revision of the Master Thesis Proposal
  • Update of my Master Thesis Mind Map
  • Creation of a Project Plan based on next project light template including
    • project detail data
    • work breakdown structure
    • milestones 
    • Gantt chart
    • To Dos


I am happy that I put my work into a solid project plan which should assist in time management, having the big picture and keeping track of all the activities.


If ever this is helpful to you, there is the updated mind map below, the Gantt chart and the work breakdown structure attached. These three documents will be updated on a regular basis and are therefore practical control measures for myself. 


Keep you posted! 

Feel free to reach out to me.


Master Thesis Mind Map