UNIGIS Master Thesis Kick Off

Blog Post created by a.freiesri-ch-esridist Employee on Nov 4, 2017

Two weeks ago all UNIGIS Master students had a Workshop on their Master Thesis. It was a helpful and fruitful session.


I took the chance to revise my Master Thesis proposal. I wont bore you with it. If you are interested in the proposal though, just feel free to leave me a personal message or comment on this blog post.

Nevertheless I attached the Presentation slides I used during this Workshop. 


In short, my thesis is about combining a chatbot (e. g. a Skype contact) with a GIS-MCDM (multi-criteria decision making) analysis. The GIS-MCDM is giving suitability information on site selection.


In the future posts you can learn more about my aim, objectives and the way I approach the thesis.


Hopefully I can share also some results with you on how I integrated this communication paradigm with a GIS system and how the chatbot can handle GIS-related questions and execute those MCDM analysis.