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Since the last versions of ArcGIS Pro (1.3) and latest ArcGIS Online releases, one can create a Web Scene that includes Feature Services of point, line and polygon geometries, along with Multipatches (3D Features) and Elevation (Ground) layer.

The workflows for creating and sharing these kinds of layers have already published and documented.

In this post, I gathered these workflows thus unifying a complete workflow for the creation of a rich Web Scene.

I won't go into a lot of details, but rather refer to the proper resources.

First, you need to create a Web Scene (Global Or Local).

This can be done directly from your ArcGIS Online account or by publishing from ArcGIS Pro.

Pay attention that the Basemap you use in a Local Scene is defining the Coordinate system of the Scene.

The shared/published Web Scene can contain only point, line or polygon geometries. The point layer can have a 3D symbol that will be published, while the lines and polygons can only have a 2D symbol.

Also impotent to remember that currently, there's a limit of max. 2000 features per Feature layer in a Web Scene

Next you can start sharing the other Scene layers:

  • Scene Layer - for Feature Layer (Point, Line, Polygon)
  • Scene Package (spk) - For 3D layers (Multipatches) - Pay attention! the layer is currently transformed to a WGS84
  • Imagery (tpk) - for Imagery data. the link is to a post writen for Arc Map, but it fits ArcGIS Pro as well
  • Elevation (tpk) - for elevation raster (not TIN). This kind of layer currently available in ArcGIS Online only by using Web Mercator coordinate system and a special Service Scheme for elevation, employing LERC compressing. there are available Schemes for elevation data embedded in the tool.

After creating and uploading all the necessary layers to your ArcGIS Online account, you can add them to your scene.

Good Luck.


The workflows presented in this post are correct only for the current versions of ArcGIS Pro (1.3) and ArcGIIS Online.

The next releases for both should enhance the current capabilities and add new options.



ArcGIS Pro online help

Dennis Kaplan - for the spk workflow

Russell Roberts - for the Elevation tpk workflow