ArcGIS Pro Add-In Community Sample List

Blog Post created by Yovavzsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Mar 14, 2016

Hi all,

I Just wanted to bring to your attention (Those of us that are on the Users side of the Pro), that there's a place with bunch of Pro Add-Ins. This Samples Repo is situated in the ESRI's GitHub space and it's more familiar among Developers. It can also be reached from the Pro's landing page under the Pro SDK Links.

The space contains Code samples and some interesting Add-Ins for the Pro users, organized by usage subjects.


BTY, it would be nice to organize or to link all the Pro's Add-Ins available for the users in the Pro's landing page, since right now they can be found in various locations like GitHub, ArcGIS.com and ESRI's solutions (It addresses to ESRI'S staff that can do somthing about it ).


Happy Proing

Yovav Z.