Avoiding gibberish in CSV tables with Hebrew/Arab characters

Blog Post created by Yovavzsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Jul 15, 2015

ArcGIS users that work with tabular data that include Hebrew/Arab characters occasionally need to save it as CSV file. This happens especially when using ArcGIS.com or Portal for ArcGIS.

When there are non-Lain characters in the tables, it turns into gibberish after converting the table to CSV.

The following workflow suggest a method for keeping the readability of those characters, using Excel and Notepad:

  1. Make sure that your operating system regional settings are defined according to your region and language for:
    1. LocaleUntitled.png
    2. Region
    3. FormatsUntitled3.png
  2. Open the table in Excel
  3. Save the table as CSV file (instead of ANSI)
  4. Open the CSV file in Notepad
  5. Save the CSV file as CSV with Unicode encoding

That's it - You're done - the CSV table would preserve the original characters.

Good luck,

Yovav Z.