ArcGIS for Intelligence and Military Communities

Blog Post created by WCreighton-esristaff Employee on Nov 17, 2014

Timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence is critical to military commanders and other decision-makers. Esri, working with defense and intelligence customers, has developed ArcGIS for the Military and ArcGIS for Intelligence, collections of maps, apps, templates, and other tools to streamline the use of the ArcGIS Platform by the defense and intelligence communities.


Using ArcGIS for Server you can manage data from a variety of sources. Collect, catalog, and share multiple data types including video, imagery, location information, and social media. Use tools and templates to maintain accurate, up-to-date information that you can search, find and quickly add to your maps, apps, and presentations.


The benefits of using the ArcGIS Platform, including ArcGIS for Server with Portal for ArcGIS include:

  • Data, products, and services can be managed and secured at the appropriate access level through federated PKI authentication
  • Collaboration on a mission can be easily accomplished without duplicating efforts, allowing a savings in time and resources
  • Data and other information can be disseminated in formats and data services required by military and intelligence systems


ArcGIS provides a framework for integrating various forms of data for deeper analytics. Analysts can perform multi-intelligence fusion, examine
relationships, and determine probabilities using the provided tools and templates to create standard products such as change detection, incident analysis, and predictive analysis. 


Using the ArcGIS Platform you can collaborate and share information using web services and apps such as story maps, the Briefing Book and various reporting capabilities. You can also view information in a dashboard using an operational picture defined to fit your specific mission, with data synchronized in real-time to help you make faster and smarter decisions.


Esri is a company and a user community that works towards improving the ArcGIS platform.  Recently, Esri has implemented GeoNet

for defense and intelligence user community members. This is a place where you can connect with other users, Esri Partners, and Esri staff to discover best practices, share technical solutions, and explore training opportunities.