Blog Post created by SpencerDismuke on Dec 15, 2014

-->TH Geological Services, Inc. offers a service unique to the North American and International mineral & oil exploration and production geologists. Borne in Europe, this service, until recently was only available to a few of the major oil companies of the world. Now for the first time in the United States, there is a service and research company offering this technique to the entire geologic community. Until now, for most exploration and production companies, the "Paleozoics" were a difficult and often misunderstood section. There were few, if any, methods to analyze the sections competently for thermal maturity and age zonation, especially if all one had to deal with were well cuttings. Refinement within the Paleozoic is now possible to the same degree it is currently accepted in the Tertiary and Mesozoic.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc. is able to achieve this refinement in many cases due to a unique method of processing. This method utilizes a series of acid digestion steps and fine micron sized sieving, developed over the years, to better preserve the fine delicate features of the Paleozoic palynomorphs. This method also dispenses with the cumbersome use of heavy liquids and the centrifuge---a method which, in the hands of a technician trained in Tertiary and Mesozoic preparations, can result in significant data being irrevocably crushed in the bottom of the test tube or thrown down the sink due to an improper, heavy liquid, specific gravity.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc. has been able, in many instances, to refine data from other workers or to establish thermal fairways, targets and age zonations in areas often passed-up as too difficult if not impossible. Some of these areas are listed as follows: Great Basin, Nevada; Marathon Region, West Texas; Williston Basin, North America; Eastern Overthrust, N. Appalachians-U.S.A., Western Australian Basins, Australia; Amazon & Parana' Basins, Brazil, Lacustrine Mineral Facies, north Chile, S.A. For a complete resume, listing career experience in the Paleozoic of the world, please contact TH Geological Services, Inc