TH Geological Services, Incorporated

Blog Post created by SpencerDismuke on Dec 10, 2014

-->TH Geological Services, Inc. is a highly efficient, cost effective, total service geological research and service company. Emphasis is placed on the palynological/paleontological, paleoenvironmental and geochemical aspects of exploration and production, as well as mineralogical age and thermal emplacement studies.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., has the ability to provide the ultimate in a multidiscipline approach to your biostratigraphic and geochemical needs, thereby yielding the maximum amount of data obtainable from your outcrop samples, cores and cuttings.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., is not limited by age boundaries. We can provide a full list of services from Pre-Cambrian to the Recent, as well as work in a wide range of sedimentary environments and thermal fairways.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., offers an experienced staff and association of colleagues with world wide experience to fully serve your every exploration and production need, regardless of the locale.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., offers the latest innovations in computer techniques as applied to research, and service applications relevant to the exploration and production geologist. This includes a massive data storage and retrieval system, full computer graphics with visual and pictorial digitization systems, word processors, and the latest in advanced microcomputer telecommunication systems, to a name a few. The combination of these techniques results in an extremely cost efficient program for the client.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., stresses confidentiality. Each member of our staff and our associates will strictly maintain the confidentiality of all project information.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., places strong emphasis on high quality performance for its clients throughout a project.

-->TH Geological Services, Inc., will provide clients with professional references upon request.