GIS Day Savannah!!  Come join us!!!

Blog Post created by SAGISADMIN on Oct 9, 2014

I was going to post a formal invite for everyone to come join us on GIS Day here is Savannah (for those that like the formalities see below), but I decided to write something off the top of my head, which may be dangerous. Just in case you forgot GIS Day is November 19, 2014.


We have a great time educating area 8th graders about GIS, it applications and how many different career utilized it. We have people and organizations from all over come and help us educate the young minds of the Savannah area. In 2013 we did a live map of the birth place of all attendees, and as you can see people come from all over the globe to attend our event! 


We have a great time and put on a great and fun event!! Come and join us and partake in all the excitement here in Savannah!!




GIS Day Savannah has been a great success for the last 7 years
because of the fantastic support and participation of our sponsors.  To
date, we have educated over 2,200 students about GIS!  For that, we
sincerely thank all of our sponsors! 


GIS Day 2014 will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at the Student
Union and surrounding campus at Savannah State University from 9 am until 4


If you would like to register and be a sponsor you can read the details for the

event here:
and register for the event here:


As always, sponsorship will support the cost of the event and
additional funds will be used to support GIS education in our schools and
through the scholarship competition.  Past ways in which GIS Day funds
have been used include GIS in-service workshops for our teachers, GIS at summer
camps provided by Georgia Tech, and a GIS lab installed at Jenkins High
School.  We do ask you to pass on information for the scholarship
competition to any middles school through graduate students you may know.
The details and application are available on our website as well:


We look forward to your participation, helping us make GIS Day
Savannah 2014 our best event yet!