CODS of the future

Blog Post created by RossPaulMartin on Feb 2, 2015

I coined a new term today (well in truth it was after the San Diego fires of May of 2014):


Common Operating Data Service – CODS – is the use of service orientated architecture (SOA) based data services to connect together geospatial emergency operations activities spread among disparate groups of decision makers or first responders. COSD is primarily focused on a central set of services, often cloud hosted, that can be protected and shared over multiple networks. This allows central administration of desktop Common Operation Picture (COP) software or central COP websites to be forsaken in favor of scalable service orientated applications.  This approach avoids the one-size-fits-all software approach, allowing multiple agencies to use the software of their choice and simply standardize the common operational data services of disaster response.


This approach is supported in NIMS. I think it's only a matter of time before the "who,what where, and sometime how" of the intelligence cycle is accommodated via REST with this approach. File sharing is dead - there just is no time to allow for the tempo to keep up.


COPs are best suited for individual organizations. As soon as you span three or more organizations with two or more missions - its all about the CODs. Some might say that blue force tracker has done this already, but with standardized hardware from viasat, it is not really an SOA approach. Someday CODS, clouds, and encryption for all.

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