AGOL Local Perspective Template Problem

Blog Post created by OliverPenman on Oct 16, 2015

Glasgow City Council are currently configuring web mapping applications and one of the AGOL templates (Local Perspective) we have been using is now failing to open. We had implemented it for ‘Find My Nearest Grit Bin’ and were very happy with the result.


We were previously able to select a web map containing a web map service showing location of grit bins and the application would then display the bins within a specific radius of an address.  We created this app using a web service of the grit bins which we published from a desktop MXD up to our content on AGOL. We now wish this app to consume a feature service of the same data published from ArcGIS Server (to ensure it is up-to-date) but it does not seem to work. We realise that all the same functionality is not available as those services published to AGOL and those stored on local servers accessed through the web but this does not seem to work at all.


Basically what I am asking has this template changed recently or does it not work with data accessed via the web?


I also notice the configuration wizard now has a part which says


“Sharing this app publicly? This app references a map containing content that requires a subscription to access. Choose the content that you want to allow access to through your subscription. Content marked with Premium Content consume credits from your subscription.”


This wasn’t there before as far as we can remember, do you know if this means we can no longer use this template without subscribing to a service?