Down the GIS rabbit hole

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Aug 30, 2015

After the EsriUC I changed some of my plans for the rest of the year.

I decided to learn more coding and am currently doing the Skillcrush bootcamp to get familiar with different kids.

The guys at the story maps table I talked to recommended Javascript, so along with all of the bits and pieces I am collecting, I plan on getting at least a basic understanding.


I really had no idea how much coding would be a part of this plan.

I have seen more than one map powered by Leaflet, so it is also in my plans to understand.

but before that, the refresher course on HTML ( I learned enough to edit my blog and make a couple fan sites back in the day) and a touch of CSS before the dive into Javascript, so I understand how to use Leaflet better and, ultimately, GitHub.


Who am I becoming, anyway?


I am getting more and more pressure to finish this up and get to a point where i can get hired somewhere. On the table by me is a plain piece of paper that, after this, I will be trying to mind map out the rest of this. This semester is a squiggly line toward the goal as I pick up random pieces along the way.

Sheesh, mapping can really be everywhere, right?


Tuesday I am taking a step back and squishing in the class that is often the first thing someone takes at the community college I'm going to.

I'm calling it my 'easy A' class, but after looking at the $98 textbook I am no longer sure about that. It's on geospatial technologies and, after teaching myself Google Earth over the summer working on a project with UC Riverside it will be refreshing to and actually learn how to do it the most organized way possible.

The other two classes I am taking are a more advanced GIS class and one on organizing data, to describe it very shortly. Both necessary, The organizing data one, I wish, had been offered some other time so I could have done it before the fact instead of after, but this time last year I was only one class in.


How time does fly when you're shoving in anything you can.


So GIS, coding and mapping.


Bring it on.