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With the remaining last couple days of my trial ArcGIS Pro account (thank you San Bernardino Valley College!) my son and I explore the Lake Fire as it destroyed tens of thousands of acres in out local mountain range.

At the time I created the images, the lake fire was 20% contained (down from 30 percent) and nearly 30,000 acres.


I even Periscoped a tour of the maps for fun - but my streaming was horrible. (My Twitter handle is @_MeganMcClain )


Being able to create 3D images was so much easier for my son to get versus the flat maps. I am so hooked on this technology! It makes me want to learn more about SmartCities.



With all of the smoke, we couldn't see the fire clearly and it made him anxious. So I made up a map using the latest information and showed him that it wasn't close to us at all (the burnt area was red on my map). Above is our view, below is the burn area as of that day. I wish we had snow like that! We could see where it had dipped down into valleys, and why we weren't seeing it from our house.



So we then played with it using data from GeoMAC and MODIS data, (thanks to a map that was shared I could find where they found their data) using the heat measurements to create a map showing where the fire was recorded the hottest and using the  Emperial Balysian Kringing tool to show the hottest areas of the fire.



The fire was spreading rapidly east, so I can understand the heat readings of that then.


I'm losing my license tonight, but I'll continue to make stuff for him, and plan on going through the educational stuff on ArcLessons to see what he and I can do together. I'm attending the conference, so he will get to play in the Kids Fair! He will love it.