End of the semester

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on May 11, 2015

Last week I ended my Spatial Analysis class, and this Friday is the last day of my base map and cartography class.

I'm ending u with a little bit of a summer break, in which I contemplate the fall semester. I'm only three classes from completing the GIS certificate at San Bernardino Valley College, but frankly, it depends on what kind of job I have then.


I refuse to say if.

I dropped out of my minimum wage job I had most of the semester to finish strong, and find something better.

That job was just a temporary Band-Aid on the issue anyway.

It took the last month to catch up on some assignments and finish all of the online training that I've done in my classes the last year.

And what a year it was.

Cliché, I know.


What I've done in the last year...


Multitasking, priority setting, organization, mind-mapping and how to navigate multiple technologies to get a project done.


Learned ArcMap, Arc Catalog, ArcGIS Pro, a little ArcScene and 3D modeling.

Planned out map projects to be shared in Powerpoint presentations, online in ArcGIS and through story maps.


Learned a bit about App Studio and 123 Survey (which, from a journalist perspective, I'm in LOVE with).

Used ArcGIS, Collector and Survey 123 on my iPhone 6.



Some other things I've learned...


Heat Maps

Kernel Density

Model Building


Geodatabase building (which I love ArcGIS Pro in that I don't HAVE to build it first, it does it for me.)

Hot Spots



Creating an iCount

Collect Events



Copy Features



Polygons to rasters (for online sharing)'

Nearest Neighbor

Suitability Analysis



Other things that has come in handy

creating spreadsheets in Excel

Using said spreadsheets and creating joins and shapefiles, zipping them for use online

FInding sources of free information and being able to convert them into usable data


Now to re-do my web site to fit ALL this and my journalism skills and find that better job I need.


And finish my project and submit it into the map gallery contest. And continue to lurk here, where more and more I understand what people are talking about!