Leap of faith

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Apr 16, 2015

I attended a college open house event today at Esri. Part a tour of the buildings, including a visit to a pond I have never seen.

All in a straight and narrow effort to find a better job, since I dropped the one I had been struggling with for months.

I think of it as ripping off a Band-Aid,

As I catch up on my spatial analysis homework and begin helping re-map my entire college campus I am trying to narrow in on better career options for the summer and, well, years ahead.

I am lucky I have a good teacher who has helped me re-vamp my resume a little to reflect my current education, and I've started looking for places to apply.

I started on this path to join together my writing skills and my complete adoration to the idea of a Story Map, but in the last couple of months I was just barely treading water.

Therefore, getting rid of the excess baggage, even though it put my family in a little financial risk, will help me in the long run, hopefully.

I'm back to notes on my phone for my roadside memorial story map (which is still unfinished) and considering a fun way to present a portfolio of my work instead of the long list of projects on my personal web site.


Which is good, considering the amount of work i have to finish for my Basemap and Cartography class. Like this beauty, which I am planning on using a storymap as part of my presentation.


It's nice to get to start to play a little again, after months of barely squeezing in homework while working odd hours and doing as much copywriting work as I can to keep going.


And even planning ahead, since I started on the Esri online courses and had to stop due to my class schedule. I'd rather pay close attention to the working-in-the-profession professors and find other ideas to explore.