Quizzing my customers and redefining creativity

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Mar 1, 2015

Not only do I have the privilege of living in town and watching Esri grow up, lately I've been seeing more and more Esri badges come in.

I've seen it all - from customer service to marketing (Hi Paige!) to a couple where, frankly, I'm not sure what they did. But I nodded and smiled, because I just told them I was studying GIS and they got interested.

It's fascinating to see the variety of jobs in town, and to know that a whole industry moves quietly between the palm trees and old Victorians.


Even browsing the careers section at Esri (where I am a lot, looking for a job to apply to) I end up clicking over to see what the description is.

I was only familiar with the map - making portion of Esri - among my family that works there I have a cartographer cousin, who seems to have one of the more creative jobs.

And I love hearing about what kind of projects people are working on, if they can talk about it.


Being a GIS student, I love using colors and messing around with projections to make maps look cool.I'm in a Base Map and Cartography class, and am currently wishing I picked a better subject so I could really play with some information (I'm currently mapping the most recent measles outbreak - I figured it fit well considering my journalism past.)


But as I also play with spatial analysis (another course) and a little Python (slowly going through an Esri course) I see even more opportunities to by creative.

Isn't it interesting? A software - based company with so many potential creative outlets.


Be sure to swing by my work (currently Gerrard's Market, though i still hope for a new job soon!) and tell me what you do!