Journalism and GIS

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Jan 23, 2015

My husband told me the a while ago he was surprised I hadn't gone into this before, since I liked maps.

I always liked the idea of going places and seeing things - I had National Geographic maps stuck on my walls with the places I'd drag a camera to and go on assignment for them.

Well, I'm concentrating on finding that happy place where they will meet together. I am totally fascinated by the story maps and feel that is a really good way to get messages across in journalism.

Sure, you can scan through an article discussing fighting, but showing an image next to it with the areas being fought over and the battle shown?

Or for protests and riots... I watched #Ferguson trend rise and fall, and combining that technology with social media, would allow someone to concentrate on any tweets or Instagram posts or anything in real time, to actually watch the story happen instead of seeing all of the discussion about it.

It was a lightning talk last year at the UC that got me started on it, where they showed tweets being followed to help alert security to the movements of a protest.


I just started classes up this last week, and while I consider internships and creating a portfolio, I am also required to start planning a large map project due at the end of the semester.

Being the indecisive Libra I am, this will be a hard decision. I want to make something totally fantastic and fun, but I also understand I have a totally limited amount of time to do this.


So, if you wanted to tell any story with a map, what story would you tell?