Didn't even have a midterm.

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Nov 24, 2014

With two jobs, school and a family I have woefully neglected sharing any school- related stuff here.

Frankly, there isn't a whole lot.

I am A+-ing my class at Cal State San Bernardino, and have been wondering what other classmates are getting.

The tests are open book, and I have been getting perfect scores on my labs.

It's really hard for me listening to lectures and learning the vocabulary - I haven't been finding the time to create my own, perhaps there is a market for GIS flash cards?

But the problem solving and other skills of actually using the software have worked out pretty well. I had a problem with joins and relates, but I think I have them figured out now.

After getting up on my own WAY too early this morning, I finish a draft of my project I've been wanting to do- see the #storymap #journal here at

I'd love to someday do an international version - there's videos of people biking these crazy dangerous roads, loads of data, and beautiful shrines and memorials.