First weeks

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Sep 8, 2014

I am determined to kick *** in this class.

I'm walking in with all the determination of a woman trying to change careers mid-life in a drastic way, and am trying to constantly pull inspiration from the world around me.

It's a few weeks into my class, and right now I am still doing all of my classwork and homework in class, since the copies of the ArcGIS program that was supposed to be given to students has not come in yet.


That's fine. For now.

I work so much better when I have a chance to sit in a quiet room. Not when I'm trying to work fast before the toddler once again busts open the office door and unplugs the computer, once more before someone small comes in and asks how much longer.


It's hard to learn a computer program in a classroom setting.

I remember learning the beginnings of Photoshop in a digital photography class at community college, and how far I've come since then.


I've created a competition within myself, since I definitely feel pride in aspects of this technology. I mean, how can I flunk out given some of my background, right? I am lucky to be surrounded with entrepreneurial women in my life and try to glean little tidbits.

Whatever it takes for my to motivate myself, when it feels like the pile of goals, and needs, and responsibilities are about to topple over and something will give.

Won't be this.


I finally joined the Reddit crowd, discovering an entire community of maps, GIS and National Geographic, my career trifecta.

Somewhere4 in there I'll find my speed.

I keep researching the Creative Lab at Esri - and amassing a list on Twitter so I can keep an eye on what they are sharing.

I figure if I'm aiming, why not aim high?


The amount of vocabulary being thrown at me in this class is unnerving - I'm about to get some index cards to create flash cards, even though the quizzes will be open book. I remember skipping chemistry because of memorizing the periodic table - I'm guessing this, however, will be easier than that.


I haven't made any progress on my pet map project since class started, but have high hopes of maybe next week?

Life always get in the way.