First days at school

Blog Post created by MeganMcClain on Aug 27, 2014

Well, I'm finally starting this crazy journey where I go from admiring the maps to learning how to make them.

I tie it all into my complete adoration of National Geographic. In high school I hung maps on my walls, places where I wanted to go, scenes from a far off time.


I started out a different route for this journey, by starting as a photojournalism major in college. Early on, I discovered the joy of finding the story, of the hunt for that one great image that will tell the entire story in one take.

I still look for that photos, but with my scattered work experience, it became vastly apparent I would not live my dreams of traveling the world on assignments.


However, I never lost my respect for a great map, and down this road I am traveling, I hope I can find the right intersection where my love of photography, writing and of the amazing world around us will finally cross paths.Where I can travel the world from my desk, and find new ways to show the stories I see around me.


I'm starting out down this road balancing being the primary caretaker (aka Mom) to two small children, balancing a part-time job with two writing gigs, and blogging for myself. Sleep is becoming an alarming afterthought.


So here I am! I'm hoping to use this blog to share thoughts based on what I learned in class, and to talk about what ideas I have to tie my worlds together.


Also - I really feel for students today. When I was last in community college, it was $11 a unit, and textbooks were around $50. I just threw down over $300 for ONE class.