In Memory of 15k New Jersey Soldiers Memorial Day 2015: Fishnet Outfield by 15,000

Blog Post created by MatthewDuffy on May 26, 2015

In my original post Fishnet An Irregular Shape While Specifying The Number Of Divisions? I reviewed the Fishnet tool and how I used it in order to split a handicap little league outfield into fifteen thousand equal areas.


I would like to see this tool further developed to allow the user (me) to either 1-enter in the irregularly shaped polygon feature to be split (on the feature boundary and not the feature extent) and (2- enter an acceptable range of 'equal' areas or 3- enter how many areas the user would like the irregular shape roughly split into).  This could probably be done in Python or more conveniently as an idea for a software revision request.


Anyway, the plan that was prepared and shown in my previous blog post was executed as presented, and was used to commemorate the lives of fifteen thousand soldiers from New Jersey.  See the following links and attachments to view the final result.