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A local handicap children's baseball league is celebrating Memorial Day by covering their outfield with fifteen thousand flags (small ~4" American Flags on a wooden stick).

They requested that I devise a placement plan that maps each flagposts placement location.  I remembered the fishnet command and searched around the community forums to see if there was a better way, as I have not attempted this in quite some time.


The fishnet command is a tool that currently resides in Data Mgmt Tools>Feature Class>Create Fishnet.  When you run it, it gives you the option to use an extent template, but it uses the feature layer's extent and not feature boundary. CreateFishNet1.PNG


When you run the command, you see that you are basically left to adjust the rows and columns until you get to a point where you are successful in attaining the appropriate number of equally divided areas, over only the outfield (irregularly shaped area). CreateFishNet2.PNG and CreateFishNet3.PNG


I ran this tool eight times before achieving the desired amount of area divisions, but it still wasn't exact.  I would like a tool that would run this process and allow me to select the shape feature to divide and the number of divisions (here 15,000).


Even if I built a tool for this, I do not believe that I will be able to specify the number of divisions desired and will only get so close.


I wonder if there is a tool set I'm missing?  When I researched this issue in the forums, it seemed like maybe the Parcel Fabric Toolset would sort of do something similar to this, but not exactly.  This is my first blog post and I am not sure if this is only for me or for the general user community.  If it is the later, I'd love to hear any suggestions regarding how to divide an irregular shape divided into a specified number of equal areas.