I have a semester project revolves around the discovery of weaknesses in Idrisi program, and make a presentation to these problems, can help me with that?

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Idrisi program (Idrisi) of Clark University, is a geographic information system that supports images instead of the program fee, you can learn a lot about the problems faced by its users and ways to overcome them in e-mail archives in the laboratories of Clark University in the following page:



In reply to an earlier question and Jhtamona to use MAP Oobjeekedz 2.1 and download a free copy of it from a position of ESRI, and the download process after you install it on my computer, but I was not able to run it, I hope that you a guide to the necessary steps to that?

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Answer: MAB Oobjeekedz not an operational program, and therefore will not be able to run the usual way to run programs. It can be used only from within the programming environment such as Visual Basic, after the addition of ESRI MapObjects component to the models designed by, and use the properties (properties) and methods (methods) that are available for this component. Your first run Visual Basic, and start a new project, and choose Project> Components and then select the ESRI MapObjects in San Componets tab. As in the following figure to the right.









After the addition of this component, a new control tool appear in the toolbox, is the tool Map phenomenon in the former figure to the left, you can now add this component to the models (forms) Visual Basic and start Bermojtaha immediately.