Image Analyst an Extension for ArcGIS Pro ..... coming soon

Blog Post created by LTighe-esristaff Employee on Dec 15, 2017

Coming to a desktop near you… Image Analyst an extension for ArcGIS Pro. This extension will come with enriched visualization and agile geospatial analytics. It puts you in the driver’s seat where you can effortlessly exploit multiple remote sensing data modalities.


The Image Analyst Extension extends ArcGIS Pro 2.1, making it an image analysis workstation. It is designed for analysts, scientists, and photogrammetrists who focus on image processing, interpretation, analysis, and creation of information products from remotely sensed data. With this extension, you will gain access to stereo functionality, image space viewing, mensuration and raster exploitation tools, and integrated GIS and remote sensing functionality.


ArcGIS Image Analysts stereoscopic and native sensor viewing abilities will transport you to a natural viewing environment. With this added depth and realism to what is happening on the ground, you can interpret imagery with ease.



A GPU-accelerated display of stereo image pairs from satellites, planes, and drones is supported by lightweight active shutter or anaglyph glasses. The photogrammetrically accurate 3D cursor enables measurement and collection of ground features directly into feature classes.


With the addition of image space viewing, ArcGIS Image Analyst extension lets you see “as the sensor sees.” Here, your georeferenced data can be accurately transformed onto your oblique imagery, providing added image interpretation benefits. As you collect or edit data, you will have the ability to save in any map projection.



Mensuration! Heights, lengths, and the areas of features can be measured using mensuration tools, directly from georeferenced and sensor model-based imagery.



ArcGIS Image Analyst extension does not stop with enriched visualization and 3D feature capture in stereo/image space. Its rich image analysis toolbox gives you access to raster exploitation and pixel-/object-based and machine-/deep-learning classification tools—all inside an intuitive interface. The result is a best-in-class image analysis platform that unlocks the potential of every image.


At your fingertips, you will now have traditional classifiers (e.g. unsupervised isocluster/supervised maximum likelihood) and advanced classifiers like machine-learning (random trees, support vector machine, and deep learning).  The extension supports your work with a Classification Wizard that guides you through the classification workflow and helps to ensure the best results. 




A full set of raster exploitation tools round out this image analysis powerhouse. Dynamic operations apply on-the-fly processing directly to image pixels in the display, yielding quick image processing results. Meanwhile, intermediate datasets are not created unless you explicitly specify that the results are to be persisted.


No need to swap between remote sensing and GIS applications. Based on years of cross-domain experience in GIS and remote sensing, ArcGIS Image Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro furnishes the all-in-one geospatial powerhouse.


To see these features in action, check out the Beta release of the ArcGIS Image Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro.