Web Storm: Using External JavaScript Libraries

Blog Post created by KDeege-esristaff Employee on Aug 6, 2014

We are looking to leverage some of WebStorm's many great features in our web developer courses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript editing in an intelligent environment :: WebStorm Features


It provides excellent code completion, unit testing and debugging and other critical support features.  One of the most interesting aspects that it supports is the ability to configure and use JavaScript external libraries that can be made available on a global or per project basis for code completion support.  A great blog posting on this feature can be found here: How WebStorm Works: Completion for JavaScript Libraries | JetBrains WebStorm BlogT


WebStorm 9 EAP was just made available, and has some great new features, including Live Edit for Node.js and PhoneGap/Cordova integration.  I'm looking forward to exploring some of these new features also.