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Geo-Heads is a youth led organization that seeks to provide or create solutions to African problems through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

We carry out both on field and off-field scientific research projects which are mostly location-based.

We create awareness of GIS and Remote Sensing by Geo-Head members through organizing and attending programs such as seminars, conferences, symposia.

We train Geospatial Intelligence Community (GIC) members on the use of GIS Software and technologies.

We mine geospatial data associated with Identified Problems in Ghana.

We process and use acquired geospatial data with the use of GIS Software to solve geospatial related problems across and between the levels of government, businesses, non-profit organizations and academic circles.

Staff members and Volunteers perform tasks assigned them by the Management Team in pursuance of achieving set objectives.

Geo-Heads operates a curriculum that is reviewed seasonal to meet the growing demand and expectations of the 21st century.Our areas of competence include: Using Geographic information system (GIS) as a tool for problem solving in all sectors, youth leadership training, Environmental Health and Safety Advocacy, social and youth entrepreneurship and community development.

Geo-Heads operates the following concepts: Spatial Thinking and Think Green.

Geo-Heads envisages;

A Community in which GIS is recognized as a tool for national development

A Community in which young people are actively engaged towards its development

A Community that seek to integrate young people in their developmental agenda

A Community in which young people are provided a platform to contribute their quota to development as it also seeks to nurture their potentials.