Safety for travelers     

Blog Post created by James_Taylor on Jul 5, 2016

As a traveler, it is important to be sure that you are traveling safely all the time. After all, you are surrounded by strangers, and you do not want to lose data or money simply because your approach was extremely casual while traveling. So, make it a point to opt for online safety and feel safe while traveling.

Here are some tips that should be on your mind with regards to online safety while traveling.


  1. Free Wi-Fi: You will be lured to use free Wi-Fi everywhere you go. However, make an attempt to not to use free Wi-Fi and stick to your low mobile data plan. The only reason because of which we would suggest the same is that you will feel safe and secure while using mobile data. With free Wi-Fi, you will notice that you are prone to data that can be hacked instantly. If you want to use free Wi-Fi, make sure that you use it for regular searches in incognito mode. Don’t log in to your private accounts and never even think of making an online transaction via free Wi-Fi.

  2. Keep your gadgets locked: While traveling by road, if you are carrying gadgets, it is important to keep them locked. Let me tell you that gadget theft is an issue all over the world and so, it is possible that you might lose your gadget. With the loss of your expensive gadget, know that your data can be stolen too. So, make an effort to keep your gadgets locked and keep them locked all the time. With this, it is important to know that you can opt for secure gadget options, but your data is still at risk. So, make it a point to keep your gadgets locked.

  3. Security software: While traveling, if you have a gadget, make sure that you opt for security software that can keep your gadget safe and the tracking of the same is even possible. There are many options that can be used to tighten up your security settings. Use them and be happy about the security levels you have attained. At the same time, make sure that you have updated your device to the latest firmware so that the best of the best advantages can be enjoyed.

  4. App passwords: You have the option to apply passwords for various apps that are installed in your smartphone. Use them and keep your data safe. Individual apps can be locked instantly. So, make it a point to opt for app passwords and have strong passwords so that you do not lose your data.

  5. Sharing options: by default, this option is usually turned off, but it is a good thing to be sure that sharing options are not activated. This will help you feel safe, and you will attain mental peace, to some extent. Do this for every device you are carrying.

  6. Use Wi-Fi that can be trusted: Wi-Fi hotspots available at hotels and cafes that are locked and there is some level of security provided should be an option in your mind. If you are opting for any random source of Wi-Fi, you should be sure that the same is trusted. If not, use your slow, but safe mobile data.

  7. Public computers: We are often advised not to use public computers. The reason behind it is simple; logging from a public computer can be risky because it might be a source for hackers to steal your entire data. Public computers are a big no, and you should try not to use them at any point while traveling. If there is an urgent need, make sure that you use a trusted source and basic security procedures like Incognito mode should be on your mind. Moreover, make sure that you uncheck the option of keeping yourself signed in all the time. Whatever may be the case, we will still suggest you not to log in from a public computer. Try your best, not to use a public computer when the need is to add your personal details.

  8. Two-step verification: Facebook and a number of other sources allow users to have a two-step verification process whenever they log in from an unknown source. At the same time, there is an option to remove that particular device later on. If you find that option, use it and remove the device as soon as possible so that the chances of any possible damage or theft of data can be restricted immediately. However, you will not find this option everywhere. So, try not to log in to those sites while using a public computer or free Wi-Fi and you will feel secured while traveling.


Concluding, if things go wrong, and you feel pressurized because of the loss that has already happened, we suggest that you should move on. Sticking to the very thought of money lost, you should not let your travel come to a standstill.

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