Students Working Together on an Assignment

Blog Post created by JRosales_GIS on Jul 18, 2018

Students often wish to complete their assignments as a group and need to quickly create a shared collaborative document. With so many cloud storage resources available, students often struggle to determine which cloud storage resource will allow for the best file synchronization to meet the project need. 


Students often ask:

  • Should we use Google Sheets, Dropbox, or simply upload the files to ArcGIS Online?
  • What is the difference in workflows?
  • Which is better for collaboration?
  • Which is easier for quick access?


Unfortunately, it depends on the user preference, the user needs, and the workflow. My apologies for the noncommittal response, but here are a few of the resources I always provide my students.

Great Blogs from the Esri Experts


  • Participatory Mapping with Google Forms, Google Sheets, and ArcGIS Online
  • Mapping Hometowns in ArcGIS Online from Shared Documents
  • Fun with GIS 227: Collaboration in ArcGIS Online

 If you write a blog about your experience or preference related to this topic, please @JRosales_GIS, I'd be very interested in your opinion, advise, and opportunity to converse with you about this.