Story Map Adoption for Higher Education

Blog Post created by JRosales_GIS on Apr 14, 2018

ArcGIS Online has just updated the Story Maps Cascade stories to allow users to print a hard copy of a story map or create a pdf able to be uploaded to any learning management system. With this functionality adopting story maps as an alternative to PowerPoint for geospatial projects will allow students to practice their GIS presentation skills to meet the needs of our evolving workforce. As new functionality is implemented, here's how to stay up-to-date with every update.


Keep updated with the latest ArcGIS Story Map functionality

Faculty and students can stay up-to-date with the latest functionality updates.

  1. Access the Story Maps Resources page and scroll to the last link to see the What's New in Story Maps
  2. Follow @EsriStoryMaps in Twitter
  3. Sign-up for the Planet Story Maps Newsletter


You can now print Story Map Cascade stories

Similar to Map Journal printing, the Print button is located in the Share panel, which is activated using the Share button at the far right of the header. Using the browser's print capabilities you can choose to print a hard copy of a story or create a PDF. To learn more, visit What's New in Story Maps: April 2018


Participate in the Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest

As story map adoption is integrated into higher education programs, students technical and geospatial communication skills will grow. To reward those that make the leap to the newest spatial presentation tool, faculty can assist the students in understanding how to apply for the Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest. This is a great opportunity to grow 

their resume because this experience, win or lose, is worthy of any resume.

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