Some Hello World Samples for the ArcGIS JavaScript API

Blog Post created by JMilneresriuk-esridist Employee on Oct 8, 2015

It's been a while since I've posted anything to GeoNet, but I thought I'd share some samples that I was working on this weekend at Hackference to show case how to do some basic functions In ArcGIS. The repo has examples of how to do the first steps with the API, with code samples such as:


  • Creating a map
  • Creating a map from a Web Map ID
  • Adding markers (AKA Graphics, Points) to the map
  • Adding a Feature Layer to a map
  • Adding a CSV file to a map
  • Adding a KML file to a map
  • Creating a basic heatmap


These samples are meant to compliment some of the samples available from the JavaScript samples page. There focus is on simplicity, commenting and on the bare minimum amount of code to do a requirement ('add a point to a map'). This is mostly useful for things such as teaching, hackathons and coding sessions with people completely new to the ArcGIS JavaScript API.


You can see the repo on GitHub here:


               JamesMilnerUK/ArcGISHelloWorld · GitHub   

               The Zip File


Got some simple,  commented, single function examples to add? Why not make a pull request!