Launching our first weather forecast product with the ESRI Community!

Blog Post created by Iain on Oct 10, 2019

A couple of weeks ago my company Spire Global announced the availability of our first Weather Forecast product supported by Dan Pisut and Keith VanGraafeiland who joined me on an ArcGIS Pro focused webinar showing how to integrate the data into a couple of workflows.


If you are interested the webinar recording is here. Jump to 13 minutes in for the Dan and Keith demos!



We are also attending the 2019 Ocean and Atmospheric Forum in November where Dr. Alexander “Sandy” McDonald our Director of Spire Weather will be discussing how GNSS-RO & GPS-RO data from our satellite constellation can augment the accuracy of weather forecasts.


I did also want to offer further trials of our weather APIs to any interested ArcGIS users here. Ideally to gather early feedback on our forecasting. Currently, we provide the following endpoints.


  • JSON Point forecast API
  • GRIB2 File API


We also have groupings of variables to best support different solutions. 


  • Maritime
  • Upper-Air
  • Thunderstorm
  • Aviation
  • Agricultural
  • Renewable energy


These are detailed here


If you are willing to work with GRIB2, JSON and APIs, and share your feedback with me please leave me a comment below, and I'll follow up!

I can also share the Python script that Keith used in the demo with you.


Thank you! 


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