Using a dataset with z-values in ArcGIS online

Blog Post created by Heijmans-Nederland on Feb 3, 2017

Publish your data like you normally do. Go to you hosted feature service and click on the service-URL.

Change this "arcgis/rest/services/" part of the URL to "arcgis/rest/admin/services/"


Scroll down and click "update definition"


On this page we have to change some parameters.


"lastEditDate" : 1486041458747 and change it to

"lastEditDate" : ""


"enableZDefaults" : false, and change it to

"enableZDefaults" : true,


Last change the page options to

Click "Update Layer Definition" and your done.

It should say:

{   "success" : true }


I hope this helps for some of you having problems on data-sets with z-values in ArcGIS online


Best Regards,

Richard Jansen