The not so good Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) 1.3 new Feature

Blog Post created by Hasencio12 on Jan 19, 2016

During this December the new update to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) 1.3 was released. Bringing new features and enhancements like always. Although most of the new features are very useful, there is a new feature that it's becoming annoying, the app state being saved when you closed the browser.

Many people might find this feature useful. You won't have to look again for the last place you zoom in on the map. However, the feature is becoming annoying for some developers at the point that we are starting to ask what's the point of setting an extent when you create a map then?. This feature is simply overwriting the and invalidating the extent that took so much of our precious time to open the map exactly where we want it at the start of the application. Actually it doesn't take that long, but you get my point. So, why do we even bother to focus our maps from the begging. I will like to know If people actually find this new feature troublesome, especially if you are trying to have a specific design and you have some rules that govern the layouts of your maps based on the extent and zoom of it. I personally find it hard and troublesome working with it. It will be nice if it was an option that you can disable. And if it is please, let everyone know it's optional.


Thank you ESRI community