Beta release of 3D Flood Impact solution

Blog Post created by GvanMaren-esristaff Employee on Feb 6, 2019

What is the 3D Flood Impact solution?


The 3D Flood Impact solution can be used to visualize and assess the impact of a flooding event on the existing landscape. The result of the analysis can be visualized in a 3D scene or Operations Dashboard which can be easily shared with stakeholders.




Visualization of flooding events in 3D makes it easier to understand the impact of flooding events on assets such as building and critical infrastructure. It will improve and accelerate communication of the flooding risk out to stakeholders such as local floodplain and hazard mitigation planners, decision makers and the public which in turn will speed up getting mitigation measures in place.


Queenstown lake flooding

Get started with the 3D Flood Impact solution

  1. Download the 3DFloodImpact ArcGIS Pro project.
  2. Extract the zip file to a folder on your machine.
  3. Open the 3DFloodImpact.aprx in ArcGIS Pro.
  4. Use the Flood Impact Solution - beta 1.pdf to step through the various tasks.


For questions, bug reports, new requirements: email gvanmaren@esri.com