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Since the 10.3 release, I have seen many post on GeoNet related to the deprecation of the SDE Command Line tools. There is a lot of confusion as to usage of the tools against 10.3.x or newer geodatabases.


FAQ: Can ArcSDE command line tools be used against 10.3 and newer geodatabases?


I thought it might be helpful to have a single location on GeoNet, The Esri Community | GIS and Geospatial Professional Community (if that is possible) to post, add ArcGIS Ideas and other information related to the old SDE Command Line tools and replacement tools and/or workflows. This might also clear up some confusion and "double posting" of the same questions in GeoNet.


As always, if you have more detailed questions or need a more "definitive" answer, I would recommend contacting Esri Technical Support and opening a support case with them to review your specific use case and information.


Here is a list of articles for your review in no specific order:


Migrate from ArcSDE administration commands—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  - Tools that are currently available at the current release


Alternatives to using SDE command line tools - Blog Discussion


Recent Proceedings - Presentations from the 2015 UC Conference


     Best Practices for Converting Workflows from SDE Command Line to ArcGIS UI in 10.3

Spatial view Problem


register with gdb


Create Views In ArcCatalog Like In SDE Command Line


How to create an SDE View in 10.3


Registering a spatial view in Oracle database


Please post in the comments any other articles, blogs, post, information, etc. that I might have missed. Hopefully this will be central place for this information and facilitate the conversation forward.



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Now let the fun begin!