Room Generator for ArcGIS Pro

Blog Post created by GTaylor-esristaff Employee on May 12, 2017

Over a year ago I published an article on Extracting Floors from 3D Buildings.

Create Floors from 3D Building Models 


I have added two new updates to the tool.


1.) Generate Rooms GP tool:


This tool leverages an a CityEngine .rpk file for rapidly creating fake rooms.


You can then use the included "Extrude" GP tool to extrude the volumes:



I have also included a tool for randomly attributing the Rooms, Floors, etc... with Data such as Owner and Value.

The results of this attribution are shown above.


The python file and Demo-Attributor tool are meant to serve as an example for random application of values to features in ArcGIS Pro.


Hope you find these helpful!


A download link to the tools and how to install them in pro can be accessed here :Extrude Feature GP tool