Tip: Collecting at other than current location (iOS)

Blog Post created by GMorris-esristaff Employee on Jul 31, 2014

When you start collecting a new feature by tapping the + (iPhone) or by tapping a feature in the Collect panel (iPad), the map zooms to your current location and initializes the geometry of the new feature with your current location.  But what if you want to collect somewhere else?  To add more detail to a place you were at earlier or mark places you plan to visit?  There is a way to do this without having to pan and zoom the map for every point you want to add.

Instead of tapping + on the toolbar (iPhone) or tapping on the Collect panel (iPad), pan and/or zoom the map to where you want to add a feature. 

  • Long press (touch and hold) on the map at the spot you want to add.   A blue pin is dropped there and a white callout rectangle appears.  If you don't get the pin exactly where you wanted, that's ok, you can adjust it later with the magnifier. 
  • Tap the action button (circled in red) gives you the option to "Collect here". 
  • Select "Collect here" allows you to add a feature *without* zooming to your current location.