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A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way.

- Mark Twain


My first blog;  A stark white computer monitor is to a blogger what a blank page is to an author.  Unsure where to begin, I know my first entry needed to be something informative, or at the very least entertaining.  Fate provided me with a story that is both.


Last night, like most nights, my daughter and I turned on her favorite songs and "wrestled", which is to say I toss her in the air and she lands on a bed.  She turned 7 last week and doesn't toss like she used to.  My wife doesn't care for this activity.  She has requested this behavior be retired several times.  Each of her requests kiln a sturdy brick.  Each brick stacked upon the previous, constructing a firm and tall foundation from which fate could stand.  "I told you so" would inevidably echo down to a soon to be injured participant.  However, that phrase was not uttered . . . . verbally.  Fate, when it does speak, uses onomatopoeia (the formation of a word from a sound).


Dull smack

- Fate


Our wrestling days came to a close as the doctor completed the tenth stitch in my upper lip.  As I sip my coffee through a straw this morning, I hope that if another cat should cross my path, I will be satisfied to watch it pass without the urge to carry him by the tail.