ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition Tutorial

Blog Post created by GIO_DasT on May 4, 2020

Here is a detailed step-by-step Tutorial showing how to create a multi-page Website using the ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition.


Note: The Developer Edition is necessary if you want to install your custom widgets.


You will learn how to download and install the necessary components on your local machine, negotiate your Organizational Proxy, start the npm service, obtain a Client ID, build the website and deploy the website to your Web Server.


You will build a GIS Catalog comprising of 3 pages:


  • Web Apps
  • Web Services
  • GIS Datasets


This is how your final Experience Builder project would look like:




This ZIP file has all the images you would need to complete this tutorial. Please extract them to your local hard drive:


The last chapter in this Tutorial discusses the Evolution of the Experience Builder.


It was the vision of Moxie Zhang to bring Web Apps to the masses with his release of the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex – many years ago.


The concept of creating powerful web apps without coding using widgets and templates was further extended by the programming wizardry of Robert Scheitlin.


The potential of the Experience Builder platform goes far beyond the Web AppBuilder.


This platform is Mobile First.


All the websites you design using ExB would work on any browser and any device. The intelligence is built-in to make the elements collapse gracefully to fit your Smartphone.


With the Experience Builder, you are not only creating single Web Apps but the complete multi-page wrapper that houses your Web Apps, Charts, Dashboards, Survey123, StoryMaps, Text, Images, Headers, Footers, Menus, Buttons, Lists, Contacts – essentially letting you design a polished website without writing a single line of code!


On behalf of the Experience Builder Community, I would like to thank Moxie, Robert, and the Web Development Team for their passion, hard work and commitment in creating a product that is a life saver and a joy to use!



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David Das