Day 2 at ESRI

Blog Post created by EHienrich-esristaff Employee on May 10, 2017

Today has been great so far! I have been doing tutorials for ArcGIS Pro to familiarize myself with the program since I haven't been able to use it since December 2016. these tutorials are ones that I've done in the past in my GIS class, makes me excited to make and create new maps! I did a tutorial on volcanoes in Hawaii, earthquakes in Northridge, California, along with a salmon migration map. The salmon migration one was special since I have a love for animals and marine life (fresh water as well as salt water). My real true love is for elephants though, and one of my team members Katie sent me an amazing story map on elephant poaching (which I must admit was very upsetting- but well made).


My team took team photos today and I must say it was a great casual setting to better get to know them all. Honestly feel like I got the best department I could get. (shout out to the rest of the avocados)


I guess my time is up-> more tutorials await! I will begin to learn ArcMap (desktop) today & tomorrow which I have never touched so that will be very exciting!