Publisher Data Package Relates Workaround

Blog Post created by Daryl.Hochhalter on Aug 31, 2016

I've been using an MXD to publish maps for Arc Reader users on our network for some time. The Map document contains features from a file geodatabase and includes relationships to tables that have attachments. The PMF's have always worked, giving the users access to the attachments. Yesterday, I created a data package from the pmf to deploy to tablet computers some users now have. It worked well except the new PMF created during packaging didn't have the attachments available. I looked in the file geodatabase created for the package and the attachments were there, just not available when the PMF was opened. It seems to me this is a bug in the packaging software, but didn't actually try to recreate the problem.


As a work around, I created a new MXD using the set data source tool and setting the data source to the package file geodatabase located in the same folder structure as it would be when deployed onto the tablets. I made sure to set that MXD to store relative paths and saved it into the PMF folder created during packaging from publisher. I then published a new PMF from that MXD. I was able to copy that PMF onto the tablet computers along the data folders and attachments are now available to tablet users when they are offline.