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In pictures.


:--------- Installing Spyder in ArcGIS Pro



:--------- Some other links

Script documenting ... It is all in the docs - links to spyder help pane for user-created help.

Spyder on GitHub ... If you want to keep abreast of issues and/or enhancement requests

Spyder-notebook ... Jupyter notebook inside Spyder...


:--------- The Icon 

:--------- The whole interface... which can be arranged to suit


:--------- Keep track of project files


:--------- Need a little help?


:--------- Help for IPython?



:--------- Help for other Modules?



:--------- Check out your variables


:--------- Some graphs?  Yes from within Spyder, you can use Matplotlib or any other installed graphics pack (ie seaborn, orange etc)



















:------------- See your scripts in outline mode, quickly navigate within them like a table of contents or use outline to get a basic shell listing of your script


The trick to outline is to use # ---- Your comment here   4 dashes seems to be the key for some reason



:-------------- Don't like something?  change it


: --------  Set Spyder as your IDE for PRO




More later

: --------