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Blog Post created by Dan_Patterson Champion on Nov 10, 2015

ArcScripts Info

ArcScripts is still in Beta.  The login link is ... Search ArcScripts (BETA)

I still get a lot of email requests from people that can't find them or locate me there.  This is partly due to ArcGIS organizational issues and permissions access to our University site.  This issue is being partly addressed but until it is, I will maintain this link for those having difficulty.


You will probably have to login to ArcGIS Online ... or create an account if you don't have one.


What's here...

Some of my more popular toolboxes are given as links below.  Downloads are attached for those who want direct access.

If I feel like it, I will post other scripts as well.  Most script components etc are posted in my Blog into which I put stuff that I am using in my writing projects or that I have forgetten and rediscovered.


Limitations and requirements for toolboxes and scripts

I am writing scripts now in Python 3.4.x (and forward testing up to python 3.6 beta) but I make sure that everything works in python 2.7.

I use Numpy 1.9 which is in the base install for ArcGIS Pro.  Sooo everything is being tested to move to Pro, but the attached are designed to work for ArcMap...I will denote Pro versions specifically and separately


  • Inputs to the toolboxes are to be shapefiles and outputs the same to a folder.  Why?  I work outside of the ArcGIS environment a lot and this format (other than array exports) can be used just about everywhere.  So thats the limitations.
  • Do not use USB drives as source and/or destination...in theory it shouldn't matter but this is the #2 issue when my students are having problems ( #1 is those stupid spaces in folders)
  • unzip the zip file into a folder...preferably in one that in a normal path and not one of those  "my documents are here" folders that Windows defaults to.  As a suggestion, set up a repository for all your tools and keep them organized in separate folders.  I tend to replicate toolboxes in my project folders since you can zip a whole folder containing your projects, tools, scripts, images, shapefiles, geodatabases etc.  Replication is cheap
  • Tested in 10.3.1.  If the toolbox doesn't work for a previous version let me know and I can upload one that is version specific.


Contact info


Email me with comments etc   Dan_Patterson@carleton.ca this is email that I filter everything through.  That is why there are no comments here since i would have to allow GeoNet emails to come through...which isn't going to happen.



  • Split Layer by Attributes
    • just that...make separate shapefiles based upon unique conditions within a chosen field.  Only one unicode issue reported so far but I will be looking into this as the march to Pro continues.
  • Bounding Containers
    • unrestricted construction (no license requirements)of
      • minimum area bounding rectangles (aka oriented rectangles)
      • extent polygons (axis oriented)
      • minimum area bounding circles (I have other tools for best fit circles in two variants of circular regression...this toolset is to enclose features)
      • and convex hulls
      • all have little tidbits of other information in the tables, like axes orientations etc etc.
  • Spanning Tree
    • esoterica... Take a bunch of points and connect the dots so that the dots reflect the minimum distance connections between the points.  There is also the ability to denote origin nodes or find the best connections without specifying a starting point.
    • One can also create desire lines from nodes to other points rather than the paths.
    • Plus other stuff I can't remember.  Noooo this does not do Network Analysis stuff, but it can be used as a precursor to closest point analysis and concave hull generation, but that is another story.  In short...just one of those comp sci classics that people rarely use but its potential is rarely recognized.
  • Triangulation Tools
    • Produce a Voronoi diagram (Thiessen polygons) or Delaunay triangulation for point data with an ArcView license. Shapefiles supported, not tested with geodatabase inputs.