Winter and a Huge El Nino are Upon Us: GIS Can Help

Blog Post created by DWright-esristaff Employee on Jan 9, 2016

Winter is upon us and the best OCEAN models show that this year's El Nino (now in progress) will be one of the biggest in recent memory. Weather and climate are indeed having a bigger and more substantial impact on everyone. Once again, we should not wait for people to ask if GIS can help. There are two new Esri Press books to proactively share insights and practical solutions with your fellow GIS users, to help them visualize, analyze, and mitigate against the impacts of ocean, weather, and climate.


Please check out:

Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions (including Chapter 5 on how El Nino - which starts in the Pacific Ocean - and similar climate impacts affect us all, and globally)



Mapping and Modeling Weather and Climate with GIS



Neither of these books are just a science textbook or heavy-duty technical manual. They are both designed to be practical, insightful guidebooks for many different audiences. They both include Python scripts to give readers a starting point in their GIS work. Ocean Solutions... also includes a separate online gallery of additional scripts, data sets, map packages, story maps, and videos to further aid the reader