Introducing the Dimension Explorer

Blog Post created by DWright-esristaff Employee on Mar 26, 2015

Originally posted on Esri's main blogs.esri.com space by Dave Johnson, Esri Applications Prototype Lab


Dimension Explorer, an addin tool for ArcMap, has just been released by the Esri Applications Prototype Lab!

Dimension Explorer 1.0 makes it easier to work with time-aware and multidimensional data in ArcMap 10.3 and above by providing slider controls for navigation. It works by retrieving dimensional information from a map layer to build an interactive dimensional model that can be edited and saved in the map document. Dimension Explorer is the successor to the Timeliner addin for ArcMap, which also works in ArcMap 10.3 and can be downloaded here.


Click http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=7f9f6185681a4be08f899feb5673a264 to download Dimension Explorer.


With the 10.3 release of ArcGIS, the mosaic dataset now supports multidimensional data in NetCDF, GRIB, and HDF format. Dimension Explorer supports map layers based on mosaic datasets and image services which are time-aware or multidimensional, and time-aware feature classes.

In terms of data that might be used to test the add-in, try: