10.2.4 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS and OS X

Blog Post created by DGoyal-esristaff Employee on Oct 6, 2014

We are pleased to announce the 10.2.4 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for iOS and OS X. You can download the SDKs today from ArcGIS for Developers and cocoapods. This release follows the 10.2.3 release in April 2014 and includes enhancements in a few key areas such as -


  • Support for dynamic sub-layers of ArcGIS Map Services including the ability to reorder sub-layers, override renderers and scale visibility.


  • A new task to generate unique value and class breaks renderers that best fit your geographic data.


  • Support for ArcGIS Image Service layer popups and rendering overrides in a web map.


  • Improved map navigation gestures on OS X for the trackpad, keyboard, and magic mouse.


  • Bug fixes and other quality improvements.


Additional information about these features is available in the release notes. (iOS | OS X)


iOS 8

As you may know, Apple recently released its latest mobile operating system - iOS 8,  and two new devices - iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. With over 10 million units selling over the launch weekend, and almost half of the installed user base upgrading to iOS 8 within the first week, the future for Apple's hardware and software platforms looks as promising as ever. Apple also announced a significant upgrade to its developer tools with Xcode 6 and a new programming language called Swift. With these updates, developers will be able to build more powerful apps which have broader access to OS capabilities while easily supporting a range of device sizes and form factors. We are really excited about these new developments which will greatly improve developer experience and productivity.


10.2.4 adds support for developing iOS apps with Xcode 6, and deploying them to iOS 8. We realize that some of you may not be able to upgrade your dev environment to the latest tool set, therefore we continue to support development with Xcode 5 and deployment to iOS 7. 10.2.4 also adds support for developing iOS apps in Swift. Although the API is still developed in Objective-C, you can use the API in Swift thanks to interoperability between Swift and Objective-C. You can even mix-and-match Swift and Objective-C to build your app with a hybrid of both languages. We have augmented the SDK  documentation, tutorials, and samples with Swift resources to help you get started, and we'll be adding more Swift samples in the coming days.


OS X Yosemite

Apple is also working towards a major new OS X version - Yosemite. It is expected to release later this year, and we are tracking its progress closely and plan to support it shortly after its final release. Apple currently does not officially support developing OS X apps in Swift, but it has announced plans to support it with the upcoming release of Xcode 6.1. In the meantime, we are putting together some early-access Swift samples so that you can start trying out Swift, and we plan to add the full breadth of Swift resources over time.


We're already hard at work developing the next version of the SDK which will add support for all of the amazing enhancements that were included in some of the other Runtime SDKs  at 10.2.4. We hope to bring those same capabilities to iOS & OS X swiftly, and much more, so stay tuned, and let us know how we're doing.


Happy coding.


ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS