The importance of integers in our Mapping world

Blog Post created by Chad_Kopplin on Nov 5, 2015

Yesterday I ran into an issue plotting well sites across the state.  When I zoomed to the full extent of the shapefile that I created from a txt file, I noticed many of the locations showing up in Asia, this is very common, these records were missing the negative in front of the Longitude values to place them in my state.  I thought no problem, I will add a new field and calculate it equal to a negative and the old field.  This worked beautifully just like I expected.  I re added the txt document to my map and still saw the sites in Asia.  When I identified the sites, what did I see, my new values were positives, because when I performed the calculation all of my correct records that all ready had a negative changed to a positive with my new negative that I added.  So, my daughter has been working on integers lately in math, and she will get a kick out of this when I tell her the I messed up my locations, because I did not pay attention to the signs.  I hope I gave you a good laugh or at least a chuckle.  Have a great day.